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Welcome to JSA Gym! 

 Where fitness is fun and results are proven.

JSA GYM Is unlike all other gyms encompassing fitness methodologies of CrossFit, Rowing, Cycling, Sweat. Kettlebell, Martial Arts, Yoga, Olympic weightlifting, Strongman, and Endurance all under one roof! A place for motivated people with different backgrounds and goals to come together to experience fitness in a whole new way. JSA Gym offers something for everyone with the personal touch of a family-owned business vested in giving our clients and community the very best.

“Hands down the best gym I have ever been to! Not only are the owners as knowledgeable as you can get, they are so welcoming that you feel like you have been going for years...They have created an environment that makes you feel like you can do anything.”
— Penny R.
“This place is special, it’s like no other. Not only are the people amazing, but the coaches make YOU their priority...the VALUE is unbeatable, so many programs to choose from, all included in your membership. If you are lucky enough to be a part of this gym, it will ruin you for all others...they are simply the best, that’s all there is to it.”
— Nicole B.
“JSA has made me the strongest I have been in my entire life. The coaches, atmosphere, and box mates make every workout an outstanding experience. It’s an awesome addiction!!”
— Brett N.
“When I joined JSA I finally felt like I was home and that this is where I belong. I have worked out at a lot of gyms, but this doesn’t compare, the training, the friends and the atmosphere is like none other!”
— Chris C.

Stronger Together