Starting March 15th 2019!!

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BLADE: Get your full-body workout and cardio burn here in a high-energy class with rowing, dynamic stretches and light/body weight movements both on and off the rower.

CREW: A high-energy, all rowing class that focused on form and meters providing a cardio blast sure to get your heart pumping to the beat of the music!

DRIVE: Aerobic intervals is where this class is at! Classes incorporate endurance movements of row, bike, ski, and run to build an engine that would make a race car jealous!

FLOW: A class that starts with an energizing row and ends in a restorative yoga sequence creating the perfect blend of sweat and recovery leaving you feeling energized and refreshed.

OPEN WATER: Time for you to do what you do best, row! Suggested workouts are provided during open rowing times allowing even the busiest of schedules to get in their mind clearing, body sweating, soul satisfying row.