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Skip Chapman is the owner of JSA CrossFit in Point Pleasant, N.J. He shares how CrossFit has changed his life.

As a martial artist, Chapman sustained a shoulder injury in 2004 that led him to find CrossFit as a strength-and-conditioning program to bring back his shoulder mobility.

“After the surgery, basically they told me I’d never be able to lift any kind of weight maybe more than 5 lb., never really push anything overhead, and for me and what I did with teaching martial arts and everything for so long, that was a big deal,” he says.

Chapman says he tried many different avenues to strengthen his shoulder again, but nothing worked. Then he found CrossFit.

“I started doing a little bit of main site and I saw a lot of improvements in my range of motion and my strength, so I just got hooked right away,” he says. “It changed everything.”

Chapman implemented CrossFit into his martial-arts school and has proven his doctors wrong about the limitations of his shoulder. At age 40, he found he was stronger than he was at 20.

He compares and contrasts aikido martial arts with CrossFit and has found benefits to doing both.

“They really complement each other,” he says.

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