Friday I-G-C


w/Partner: one person works at a time

40 KB Goblet Squats

40 Sprawls

40 Mountain Climbers

6min AMRAP


Ring Dip Holds

3x15sec Hold @ top 

3x15sec Hold @ bottom

5x3 Negative down - slow as possible

*focus on hollow position and for progressions have partner 

stabilize rings from behind*


“The Rock Press"

25 Push Press 75/55# RX+95/65#

50 Hollow Rocks

20 Push Press 95/65# RX+115/75#

40 Hollow Rocks

15 Push Press 115/75# RX+135/95#

30 Hollow Rocks

10 Push Press 135/95# RX+155/105#

20 Hollow Rocks