Thank you for choosing to WOD with us while you are on vacation! We are happy to be of service in allowing you to continue your CrossFit training while visiting our area. As you are most probably aware, our box is located in a highly popular vacation town. Because of this, we receive a large amount of visitors. To allow the increase in our class size to not become a disservice to our clients who are here all year long, we ask that visitors contribute towards the growth of our box by paying the appropriate fee below. Please register for class using the link below. If you are unable to register online prior to class, we thank you in advance for approaching the coach with your payment prior to the beginning of class. 

One Class Drop-in - $20

One Week of Unlimited Classes - $55

Two Weeks of Unlimited Classes - $95

Four Weeks of Unlimited Classes - $185

Eight Weeks of Unlimited Classes - $340

Twelve Weeks of Unlimited Classes - $490

*We unfortunately do not offer a "Buy a T-shirt, Get a free drop in class" program due to our facilities being in popular vacation towns. In addition, the "Give a T-shirt, Get a T-shirt" does not apply as well.