How To Be Awesome At CrossFit Without Picking Up A Barbell In 7 Easy Steps by Dave Melillo

How To Be Awesome At CrossFit Without Picking Up A Barbell In 7 Easy Steps by Dave Melillo

I'm not the greatest lifter at our box. I don't have a heavy back squat or a killer deadlift. I'm not the best gymnast, or endurance athlete, or strategist ... but if there was a benchmark workout for cheerleading, I'd like to think I'd make the board.

My own personal achievements in the sport have been few and far in between, so I was forced to start taking interest in the accomplishments of those around me early on. And to be honest ... it has been more rewarding than any PR or leaderboard I ever hit.

So I figured if I could speak on anything, it would be how you can achieve being awesome at the box even if you aren't the most awesome athlete at the box.

1. Give encouragement, not advice.

Although this is something I struggle with on a daily basis, I always feel better about what comes out of my mouth when it is more like positive reinforcement and less like coaching. Unless you are the head coach on the floor, or someone directly asks you for advice, all you have to do is clap, smile and motivate.

2. Don't take yourself too seriously.

Again, do as I say not as I do. No one likes the guy who storms out of the gym because he didn't beat his last "Fran" time. CrossFit is supposed to be fun. When you take things too seriously you not only ruin the experience for yourself, but also for the athletes around you.

3. Sacrifice the rep.

There is no reason to push someone out of the way or put a damper on someone else's workout because you need to get that last rep. If you're sharing equipment or the rig, be the first person to step back and let someone else get in a few reps. It's also a great excuse to take an unscheduled breather.

4. Be interested in learning, not domination.

I always thought the best athletes were the ones who dedicated themselves to learning all their sport has to offer, not the ones who were willing to win by any means necessary. Being a constant student of CrossFit will allow you to truly dominate inside and outside of the box.

5. Be present.

A distracted athlete takes away from the coach, the athletes around them and the overall vibe of a session. When you are working out, work out. When you are driving, drive. When you are with your significant other ... well, you get the point.

6. Respect.

It doesn't matter if you can squat 500 lbs and do 200 unbroken butterfly pull ups. If you disrespect people because they are at a different part of their CrossFit journey, you will have a weak soul. Respect everyone’s path and embrace the differences. 

7. Put in work.

It is a pure, unadulterated bummer when one of the athletes in your session is going through the motions, cutting corners on standards or making a joke of the workout. Show up. Work hard. Learn. Improve. It's that simple.