January’s Member of the Month - Brian Higgins


Member of the Month

Brian Higgins

Q. How long have you been training in CrossFit and did you exercise prior to joining JSA?

A. I have been training at JSA for almost 2 years.  I have worked out at other gyms over the years, but nothing has ever stuck.


Q. What changes have you made to make your life healthier since starting CrossFit?

A. I am definitely more conscious of my diet due to my commitment to CrossFit.  Though I may not be ready for Paige's nutrition challenge, I am more likely to skip a happy hour.


Q. Tell us about what you do outside of the box!

A. Outside of the box, I spend most of my time working or spending time with my family.  My son plays travel sports and my daughter surfs on the high school surf team. Sporting events take up a lot of our time. We also try to make the most out of the outdoors in the warmer months.


Q. Since you have been at JSA, we have witnessed your growth as an athlete.  Brag a little.

A. Mostly my confidence, CrossFit was pretty intimidating at first. I didn't know how to do most of the work outs. I had to scale and/or modify everything. Skip and the other coaches could not have been any better at making me feel comfortable. Now I can do most of the workouts and even Rx sometimes, which feels pretty good! The competitive aspect facilitates my growth in the gym. 


Q. If you could listen to one song on repeat in the gym, what would it be?

A. That's a tough one. I like a little bit of heavy rock  to motivate me during weight lifting. I like Motorhead, so I am going to choose "On Parole" by Motorhead. Sometimes "Ace of Spades" comes on the JSACF mix. I like that too!


Q. What is a goal you have set for yourself in the next 6 months? The next year?

A. Well there are a few things. 1.  I would like to improve my endurance. During the WODS I feel like I start out strong but then the wheels come off pretty quickly.  I have been recently taking Row-Fit on Fridays.  Coach Dave keeps it pretty fun and because it’s new for me, I hope it will enhance my endurance. I am also going to try MOTOR. 2.  Another struggle is TTB. I can't seem get the kipping right, in order to string them together.  3. I know it seems to be a JSACF milestone to be able to do a muscle up.  Honestly, I would be just as happy to not have to do a muscle up progression.  4. My Clean has been stuck at 165 lbs. for a year, so I would like a new Clean PR.


Q. If there was a WOD named after you, what would it consist of?

0."BUCKY" for my brother in the Coast Guard

5 rounds

10 shoulder press

3 rope climbs


100 meter penalty run for unbroken sets

Is that too much shoulders?


Q. Do you have any favorite moments in the gym that you’d like to tell us about?

A. The upside of coming in last place as much as I do during WODS is that I get a lot of people cheering me on.  There are definitely times I would not have finished without the support of the 4 PM-ers.


Q. What advice would you give to a new person starting CrossFit?

A. You have to step out of your comfort zone. I wanted to do CrossFit for years, before I finally drummed up the courage to try it. I regret not starting sooner.


Q. Please share a quote that strikes you as important in your life.

A. “If you can’t fly then run, if you can’t run then walk, if you can’t walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward”  MLK