Kid’s CrossFit & Martial Arts Programs

JSA’s Unique Mix & Match Kids CrossFit & Martial Arts Membership Create a Strong Child Inside and Out! 

Empower your kids with CrossFit & Self-Defense


JSA’s memberships allow children to train in CrossFit, Martial Arts or both all under one membership! Children face challenges just like adults, and there is no better way to empower them than through Martial Arts & CrossFit. Through physical exercise and movement, both disciplines teach the value of hard work, determination and focus in an environment that is safe and fun where lifelong friendships are developed and fostered. CrossFit & Martial Arts classes help bully-proof your child inside and out by creating strong bodies and minds.

  • KINDER-CROSSFIT & MARTIAL ARTS: Pre-K through Kindergarten

Our KINDER-CrossFit Program is dedicated to teach our PreSchool Athletes that fitness is about having fun! Classes are primarily game based with movements that translate directly into what kids do every day in play: running, jumping, climbing, throwing, pushing and pulling. 

Our Jr. Samurai Martial Artists develop through play based activities the motor movements needed for self-defensive techniques and nurturing behaviors, such as good listening skills, cooperation, respect for others and building friendships. 

  •  CROSSFIT & MARTIAL ART KIDS: 1st Grade-5th Grade

Our #1 priority with CrossFit Kids is making sure your child has a safe place where they can be themselves, have a ton of fun, make some friends, get an awesome workout, and learn something along the way.

Each class will have a specific physical and mental skill focus, fun workout, and an exciting game finisher that will be sure to leave them loving the idea of exercise. 

Our Ninja Martial Artists learn how to execute self-defensive martial art techniques applicable to real life situations, such as positively handling a bullying situation. Our students become more confident in themselves, develop self-discipline and focus needed to excel in school and at home, and develop compassion and cooperation needed for the development of lifelong friendships.


Get both!

Why Choose when JSA Gives You Both CrossFit & Martial Arts for the Same Low Price!

  • CROSSFIT & MARTIAL ART TEENS: 6th Grade and higher

Safely build your child’s strength, speed, coordination, and confidence through CrossFit training. Proper technique is continually emphasized while working through a fun, challenging mix of basic gymnastics, short to medium duration endurance training and strength work using dumbbells, kettlebells, medicine balls, and the barbell. 

Our TEENS Martial Arts classes teach children respect, self-discipline, focus, and how to lead a healthy lifestyle. Our Teens, however, learn more than just practicing how to protect and defend themselves. Our Teens learn perseverance and discipline giving them the confidence to accomplish incredible things both on and off the mat all while finding their “tribe” of friends who are with them throughout what can be challenging developmental years.

  • All Inclusive Kids Memberships

Since 1998 with martial arts and 2012 with CrossFit, we have taught hundreds of children the importance of physical fitness, self-defense training and living a healthy lifestyle with a positive mindset. The two separate programs complement each other so much so that at JSA we allow children the UNIQUE opportunity to mix and match their training days to suit their schedule and interests.

*Children can take classes in both programs under one membership. The flexible mix and match classes accommodates even the busiest of schedules. 

*No long term commitments. 

*Healthy lifestyle habits are taught in both programs instilling confidence in both physical and social-emotional growth.


Why use a babysitter or gym babysitting service when you can workout at the same time your child is learning life long skills in the next room! Why choose Childcare when you can have Child Enrichment! JSA’s owners understand the need for parents to have “their time” so that they can be healthy and fit as well. With classes that run concurrently, JSA parents no longer have to feel guilty about carving out “me time” and instead can workout knowing their children are learning, having fun and thriving in the very next room!