Instructional Staff



Skip Chapman Sensei founded JSA in 1998 and currently serves as Chief Instructor. Skip has been practicing Aikido for over 29 years and holds the rank of 6th degree Blackbelt and Shidoin (Qualified Teacher certificate). Chapman Sensei began his career as a professional Aikido instructor and dojocho in 1995 and has traveled extensively for twenty years under the direct instruction of Y. Yamada, Shihan and for several years with M. Kanai, Shihan, two of the original students of the founder of Aikido. In addition to being the Chief Instructor/Owner of Jersey Shore Aikikai, Chapman Sensei, has held the position of President Elect of the United States Federation and was one of the first members of the USAF Board of Directors. Over the years he has helped develop Martial Art Management Software, was the founder of Aikido Instructors Organization; a consulting group that assisted dojocho in growing the business side of their dojos, is the Head Coach and Owner of JSA CrossFit where he specializes in the physiology of movement taken from his practice in neuromuscular therapy and CrossFit certifications. 

Andrew Politi Has been training in Aikido for 18 years. The last 15 years as a direct student under Chapman Sensei. 
From the moment he saw the demonstration he knew Aikido was him. Although the teacher was impressive he was more intrigued with the attacker who seemed to handle being thrown with grace and ease. Almost as if the attacker was more in control than the person doing the technique. After class he met the person who was being thrown and signed up for Aikido. Their relationship as student teacher had begun. For it was Chapman Sensei who signed him up for Aikido. As it turned out he was also an instructor and taught most of the classes he took. In his classes he taught weapons and Iaido. He was totally drawn to the handling of weapons and he began studying the movements on his own.

Dan Addario has been training under Chapman Sensei at JSA for over 10 year and currently hold the rank of Shodan (first degree Black Belt). He currently serves as Chapman Sensei's uchideshi (apprentice) since 2012. For the past 8 years he has been involved with the children's program , as well as teaching adults. Dan learned to teach children aikido for six years as an assistant instructor under Chapman Sensei and has work hard to become the Director of Children's Programs. Dan has also traveled with Chapman Sensei throughout the United States and Canada for the past 9 years.  Interests:  Dan is an intrical part of the JSA CrossFit program and holds a CF L2 as well has numerous other certifications. Dan is also CPR and first aid certified.  

Elisabeth Carter 

Mike Vaccaro has 6+ years of martial arts experience in Aikido studying under Chapman Sensei at Jersey Shore Aikikai.  Mike attends many Aikido seminars yearly and has traveled with Chapman Sensei to various seminars across the country. He is on the instructor staff training both children and adults.  As part of the children’s instructional staff we focus on an atmosphere that is fun and energetic but also helps instill self-confidence, respect, discipline and leadership in children from 4 to teen and prepares them to transition to the adult program.

He has also volunteered at Somerset Hills Riding Academy specializing in hippo therapy which provides physical, occupational and speech therapy in which a therapist uses the characteristic movements of a horse to provide carefully graded motor and sensory input. As a volunteer he worked directly with people of all ages with a broad array of physical and mental handicaps.