Meet Our Team

Skip Chapman

Owner / Head Coach

CF L2 - 2016 / CF L1 Recert - 2011 / CF L1 - 2007 / USAW L1 Sports Performance Coach / USAW Club Coach / Concept2 UCanRow2 Certified Instructor  / CF Weightlifting Trainer Course / CF Defense / CF Scaling Course / CNMT, Neuromuscular Therapist

Skip became involved in CrossFit due to sheer physical necessity (see CF Journal feature). At a martial arts seminar in 2004, Skip sustained a level five shoulder separation requiring reconstructive surgery. Despite having the best of orthopedic surgeons, Skip was advised by his doctors to never lift more than five pounds with that arm. Anyone who knows Skip can gather that he considered that prognosis unacceptable. Within 12 weeks, he was back on the mat training, however, physical therapy was not building the strength he needed to achieve his goals. To make his recovery even more imperative, Skip and his wife, Paige, were expecting triplet boys in 2005 and he knew that he could not be the kind of dad he wanted to be for his sons if he was limited physically. In 2005 looking for an answer to help strengthen his shoulder, Skip stumbled upon the CrossFit website......

Paige Chapman

Owner / Coach

CF L2 - 2016 / CF L1 - 2011 / USAW L1 Sports Performance Coach / Precision Nutrition L1 / Concept2 UCanRow2 Certified Instructor / CF Weightlifting Trainer / CF Defense / RYT 

As a working mother of young triplets, Paige was first attracted to CrossFit in 2008 by its fast pace, get it done yesterday approach to fitness. Time for herself was limited, so CrossFit was just the right program to get her pre-triplet pregnancy body back. Little did she realize the healthy and addictive nature CrossFit creates. What started as just a "fitness routine" turned into a way of life. 

Brody Longo

Coach - CF L1

Brody is a Crossfit level 1 trainer who has been practicing at JSACF since 2011. His journey began early on in the gym where he learned the basics in powerlifting movements and the importance of strict form. 

Prior to being introduced to  CrossFit, for five years he attended a gym with emphasis in russian kettlebell instruction.

Always pushing to the limits, its obvious that CrossFit has become an integral part of his life where he strives for personal best as well as helping others achieve theirs. 

Dave Melillo

Coach - CF L1 / JSACF Coaches Cert / JSACF Kid's Head Coach / CF Kid's Cert  / USAW L1 Sports Performance Coach / Concept2 UCanRow2 

Coach Dave is a transplant from Orlando, FL who grew up playing football, wrestling and skateboarding. After years of touring as a musician, Dave found an affinity towards CrossFit and spent his most recent years studying strength and conditioning techniques while competing as an athlete. 

As a coach at JSA , Dave uses his high energy to inspire kids and adults alike to develop their fitness. The CrossFit kids program lead by Coach Dave is nationally recognized and focuses on developing the athletic ability and character of kids and teens.

Justin Sarubbi

Coach - CF L1 / JSACF Coaches Cert / JSACF Kid's Coach / CF Kid's Cert  

Coach Justin has been at JSA since 2011. After moving back home once college ended, Justin was looking for a hobby to stay in shape and was introduced through his stepdad to Crossfit. Justin played sports throughout his life and was drawn to the competitiveness and brutality of the workouts. Justin exclaimed that the positive atmosphere that was provided at JSA made it easy for him to join and continue showing up workout after workout. Throughout the years Justin has morphed his experience and reason for going to the gym. He first started to lose weight, which he successfully lost over 30 pounds, then he spent time learning technique in gymnastics, strength, and conditioning. Finally he has come to compete in Crossfit and focus extra attention to becoming a better athlete. 


Ashley Holden-Klimik

Coach - CF L1  / JSACF Coaches Cert / USAW L1 Sports Performance Coach / Concept2 UCanRow2

“The struggle you are in today is developing the strength you need for tomorrow.”

Ashley has a long history of involvement in athletics at a highly competitive level. She played softball, beginning at age 7, and traveled on a nationally ranked team. Ashley was slated for a successful career and a full softball scholarship as a catcher at a Division 1 university, when she was sidelined by a shoulder injury. After an unsuccessful surgery, she was told she would be unable to play competitively and that she would never be able to lift weight overhead.

Christian Ruff

Coach - CF L1  / JSACF Coaches Cert

A little over 4 years ago, I overheard some friends at work talking nonstop about this workout routine called crossfit at JSA. It sounded really intense, but at the same time they couldn't stop talking about it. For as long as I can remember, I had never been into working out or going to the gym. I had no idea what to do when I was there, and never really felt accomplished the few time I had gone to any of the globo-type gyms. I work in the service industry, and for me late nights and sleeping most of the day was my way of life. The gym just never seemed to fit into my lifestyle or anyone I knew for that reason. I always wanted to get healthy and more fit, but just assumed that it would be impossible. As the weeks progressed I began to see some pretty big changes in my fellow co-workers. The looked more fit, but also they just look more happy and energetic. So one day I said what the heck, lets try a class out. After my first class, I was hurting pretty good, but at the same time I felt really great about it. The people were super friendly and I was amazed that someone I didn't know would be rooting me on at the end of workout.I was hooked from that day on. I had found finally found a place in JSACF where I loved to work out and was supported by the people around me. 

Cory Serafin

Coach - CF L1  / JSACF Coaches Cert

Cory first entered the world of Crossfit in the fall of 2012 when her repetitious cardio routine at a globo gym no longer yielded results. Craving something more, Cory discovered JSACF and immediately became hooked on the constantly varied element of fitness Crossfit had to offer. Cory has a long history as an athlete in the pool, competing for a decade in the tri-state area as a USA swimmer.  Since then, Cory has sought an outlet for her competitive spirit and the sense of camaraderie that comes with being on a team.  JSA Crossfit has provided a home for her to make constant physical and mental progress among a community who serves as a positive support group and an extended family. 

Dan Addario

Coach - CF L1  /  USAW L1 Sports Performance Coach / Concept2 UCanRow2


Dan Sibol

Coach - CF L1  / 

Dan is a CrossFit Level 1 instructor and has been a member of the community since 2006. He began CrossFit as a way to improve his strength and stamina both of which are needed in his practice of Aikido.

Although he had been “lifting” for many years he never achieved the results he had been seeking, but CrossFit has definitely changed that.  For Dan, the positive energy you find in a CrossFitbox (especially ours) is something you just won’t find in a gym.  Contributing to that what drives his WOD’s and coaching.